Drum Tracking

Full drum tracking service – drum recording from home or in a studio.

Drum Tracking – How it works:

Just let me know how many tracks need drums recorded on; the style of music, the tempos, how the client wants it sent to them and precise information on how the client wants the drum tracking to be performed musically. Tracks can be sent in separate parts, the full drum part or both.

I will do re-takes for a maximum of three times per track.

The rates I charge for drum tracking are in line with the Musicians Union rates.

Drop me a line for further information about this via the contact form

The Dylema Collective recording session at the Total Refreshment Centre, Stoke Newington 2

Drum Tracking Rates:

£130 for up to 3 hours
£195 for up to 4 hours

My fees for drum tracking are determined using Section 5 of the BPI / Musicians Union Agreement 2019, and can be found on page 3.

View the document here.

Drum Tracking examples

I have recorded drums for Dylema Collective, Ant Law, Andre Gabriel and for a short film by Johnnie Walker entitled ‘The One Who Keep Walking’ under the direction of Athuman Zakumera and for many other projects.

Here are some varied examples of drum recordings I have done.

Dylema Collective

I did some session drumming on the track ‘Mine’ by Dylema Collective, with Roy Stewart on bass, Ayo Vincent on keys, Dylema on spoken word and vocals, Shannon and Melvin on bvs.


Remote Drum Tracking for a music student’s university assessment

Drum tracking during lockdown for a student’s final degree assessment.

Cover of ‘Monk’s Dream’ by Thelonious Monk

Cover of ‘Sandu’ by Clifford Brown

Ant Law Interview and Live session with Charlie Pyne

This is something that was put together by Ant Law, Charlie Pyne and myself over lockdown in 2020. Here’s a video of the live performance of Chill by Joshua Redman.

You can find the full interview with Ant Law and Charlie Pyne on Youtube

Session for Johnnie Walker Short Film

I recently played a session on an interesting short film under the direction of Athuman Zakumera called Johnnie Walker Presents The Ones Who Keep Walking.

You can watch the trailer or view the full film here – My drumming can be found at 1 min 20 secs to 2 mins, and at 9 mins 20 secs to 10 mins.


Testimonials from happy clients…

Drum Gear

Here is my kit list for playing live and recording. It’s constantly evolving and being added to.

Sonor Martini Drum Kit

14” X 14” Kick Drum
12” X 5.5” Snare Drum
13” X 10.5” Floor Tom
8” X 9” High Tom

Gretsch Black Renown Drum Kit

22” X 20.7” Kick Drum
16” X 14.5” Floor Tom
12.5” X 9.5” Mid Tom
10” X 8” High Tom


REMO Drumheads on the toms and kick drum
EVANS Level 360 drumhead on snare

Snare Drums

12.5” X 4” DIAMOND Piccolo Snare

13” X 7” YAMAHA Recording Custom Snare
(REMO coated Ambassador Head)

(REMO Powerstroke P3 coated Head)


20” PAISTE 2002 Ride Cymbal
18” SABIAN HHX Manhatten Crash
13” SABIAN HHX Evolution Hi Hats
20” SABIAN HHX Stage Ride
16” SABIAN HHX Evolution Crash Cymbal
22” VINTAGE SOUL Ride Cymbal
13” ZILDJIAN Remix Hi Hats
12” ZILDJIAN Oriental China Trash
16” UFIP CLASS Series Crash Cymbal
9” TURKISH NJG Splash Cymbal

Percussion Gear

19” X 11.5” MIRAGE Cajon
MEINL Cajon Kick Pedal
2” Yellow Shaker
26” X 14.5” Djembe